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Hey my name is Mathew Haller, im 21, I live in Prince George B.C and am really just looking for a place to meet people, learn new airsoft stuff, have some discussions when need be and basically learn about gear. Im also trying to find a group or an event holding location so I have a place to play. In about a week or so (when i FINALLY decide which gun i want) im going to buy all my gear and either the WE AK PMC GBBR or the WE 416 im so torn between the two though haha and honestly I wanted the WE PDW before those lol! Ill just decide the day im gonna order them I bet lol. But anyways if anyone wants to say hi that'd be cool ive done TONS of research on the rules, fps limits, fair play, blah blah all the stuff to be a fair true team player. Now... anyone know of anything close to PG? ahha and i guess I will need to age verify to get onto the store forums, im gonna do that now lol
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