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This is not HK where 400+ is the norm, in fact the guys that attend TTAC has probably a whole lot more experience in shooting than most seasoned players here, Don't knock it before you try it. I would shoot with anyone of the TTAC guys than anyone including my guys from HK we move around a whole lot more than you guys, You guys may have higher powered guns but its the shooter not the gun, it's only a tool.
Yeah I do not think the power is much of an issue to me, it is just the rule about stock guns. All of my guns are modified immediately, whether it is a spring upgrade/downgrade, shimming or something bigger like a motor or gear change.

Personally i prefer the sweet spot of around 375-390 FPS, so 1.45 joules or thereabout. I could go a bit lower and not mind, or a bit higher. I get hit constantly by guns running at or just above the limit at extremely close ranges(5-10 feet) and haven't gotten any kind of bad injury. I do not run in anything but a combat shirt and belt rig, and we typically play with females(several) who haven't ever complained about injury, just as a bit of anecdotal info.

I would love to go to a place like this and would be more than happy to pay the fees associated as it seems it would be well run, just seems really bizarre to not allow modified guns provided they are shooting the established limit.

There is a HUGE difference between a well tuned gun running 350 fps, and a stock gun running 350 fps. Trigger response, rps, acoustic resonance, reliability are some of the first things which come to mind.
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