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good to hear that

In past few years i was at Border War, Berget And Housekeeper

Beleave it or not, berget this year will be, or it was, not shure since i didnt go this year, is a 5 day event with over 3000 people

I was also part of a team creating a milsim here in Serbia... i know how it is to be at the begining of spreading a milsim idea we did 3 in our organization an had 2 more organized by other teams

But our bigest problem is separating arcade player from milsim players couse people dont realize that it is not all about shooting... it is about a mission..

It woud be great for some teams from Serbia to make contact with teams in canada and that is also my wish when i cross the narrow see More international games, more experiance, more acceptance And above all good friendship
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