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Well most of us have a semi relaxed attitude towards airsoft. That doesnt mean we dont take it seriously but we do try to keep in mknd it is just a game.
That said there are grouos of guys who are more serious then others.

There are skirmish type games but they are far from video games if you go to the right places.
We (meaning the team i will be playing with for an upcoming milsim) hlrecently had a 24hr training event. During that event we didnt rest for more then 20 minuts at a time and only once or twice to reload and hydrate.
We are preparing for a 30hr event coming up.
We also have a 12 hr event comming soon as well.
Just this passed saturday we had a game (rush hour. Its the 4th in the series)
Tho the nubers werent great (we had 5 on 5 due to flakers for the long weekend) we went non stop from 10am to 3pm untill all objectives wer secure and the final objective was transported to the extraction point. It could have went longer but both teams hustled and went hard and we finnished early.
At finch field (where i play most often) even the "skirmish" games are more milsim oriented going from 10-5 or 6 or whenever the objectives are compleate and im sure it is the type of game you would enjoy. Dont getvke wrong i enjoy skirmish games now and then (capture the flag. King of the hill. VIP escort. Those types of things) but i to enjoy the milsim type events more.
The games at finch field i have mentiond befor are reffered to as "skirmsims" so a combo of misim and skirmish. For the most part they are kilsims that are just shorter then the average milsim (useually from 8-12 hours)
Here are some as an example
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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