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Originally Posted by sammynac99 View Post
Just another totally reasonable person getting flamed on ASC , they basically said welcome to ASC, your a horrible parent and don't deserve to be av'ed. And what's this about being deemed to be not allowed based on a face to face meeting with a age verifier? Age verifiers purpose is to allow only adults access to the gun classifieds and area of the site with access with a/v material. If this was the case why was I able to walk into a Airsoft store, provide my ID and be AV'd on the spot. I didn't go through a interview, I'm 18+ and therefore able to buy the guns.

Who is anyone again to say what this person can and can't do with their child? He's saying the kid is a teenager and he wants to teach the kid safety, if the kid wants to play , it's his decision to let him or not. This is yet another example of how critical and impossible this community can be with handling simple things.

To get back on topic, a/v process typically takes 2-3 weeks they do it in batches from what I understand when they can, an admin will verify your details.
please point out where there has been flaming?! Everybody stayed civilised.

anyway, where are going out of subject.
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