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Originally Posted by Pinard View Post
I'm all in for parents educating their children about proper safety.

Fact is that some parents came on the forum and got age verified to source airsoft guns to their children. Wich is totally againt the board's rules.

Please understand our... sceptical attitude towards anybody openly admitting children are involved.
No problem, That's understandable. I'm not looking to purchase him an airsoft gun until my wife and I agree that he's ready for it. And even then it'll only be under our supervision. I remember the fun my dad and I had shooting targets together and I'd like him and I to one day have the same experience.

Yeah I was thinking a paintball mask too, I'm just scoping out the gear section now.

That being said I'd still like to achieve the age verificated status to offload some of my lesser used guns/accessories.
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