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Negative. Only face to face meets. This then allows the verifier to get an idea if you truly deserve access.

Orly now?? Might be that the verifier sensed that and refused your verification!

You don't need access to the classified to acquire that type of gear. Only the guns!
Huh? Senses what? My airsoft gear is safely kept away when not in use. However, I believe that education and awareness is much more effective than simply keeping it out of sight. He WILL NOT handle anything and we will discuss gun safety before each outing. That being said, he's interested in watching and I'd like him to have the proper safety equipment while I plunk away at our foam boards.

I didn't realize that you could view gear without ID, i'll check that out! Thanks!

Maybe the term 'kid' is getting misconstrued? He's not a young child

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