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Age verifiers have a life outside of ASC. They do it on a volunteer basis and don't get 'paid' for their time or resources used to meet with people.

It takes time. If the verifier passed on your info to be verified it may be held due to incorrect info like your screen name didn't match up.
That's fair, I'm not upset or anything I just can't get a reply so I've no idea if there was an issue with my screen name (though I just double checked the MSG I sent him and its the same name), account, etc. or if its just been forgotten. There's some stuff I wanted to offload / purchase before I go camping in July so I'd really like a crack at those classifieds. Is there any way through here to submit photo ID or something like that?

Like I said, I'm not trying to call anyone out or get anyone in trouble, I just wanted to make sure everything was OK and see how long I should expect the process to take. Partly cause I'm excited to get things rolling and partly to gather some airsoft gear for my kid before our camping trip.

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