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Hello everyone

I am looking to buy the WE Browning Hi-Power M1935 (silver), though I cannot find any Canadian retailer that sells it. The only sites I could find are American, and even though they ship to Canada, I am not sure if the gun will make it past customs. Here is a link to the site I want to buy it from:

as you can see, the specifications show that it shoots at 300 f/ps, though a different site has listed the same gun as shooting 250 f/ps. Don't bother typing up the laws on airsoft guns, I already know they need to shoot between 366 and 407 fp/s and that customs doesn't officially want individuals importing airsoft guns. This would technically classify it as a 'replica' gun, which are prohibited; though from my personal experience customs has let thru a replica of a Luger P:08 which I ordered from Spain last year. Seeing as the WE Browning is so close in fp/s to the WE Colt 1911 and from what I gather the actual velocity of the gun is in question, I am hoping this will benefit the chance of customs overlooking the technical details and letting it in. The gun is only 110 USD, and I have no problems risking the money, I just want to know which method of acquiring the gun is most likley to work. This is why, if anyone has some practical experience it would help me out alot, seeing as I am new to buying Airsoft guns in Canada.

So here are my questions: Will customs (likley) let this gun into Canada if I order it from the US? If I go to the US and buy it there will the border patrol let me bring it in after I explain to them what it is? Lastly, could anyone who is age verified please check if this specific item (please check the link) is on sale in the classifieds section? I'm only really interested in getting age-verified if it allows me to find guns that I can't already buy at Toronto Airsoft, so if anyone is willing to quickly check you'll save me alot of time.

Cheers :cheers:
Getting age verified will get you a long way on ASC.
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