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Hello everyone

I am looking to buy some My Little Pony action figures; the only problem is, Hasbro hasn't shipped the good ones to Canada yet. The ones I found at the local Toy's R Us and Wal-Mart are unrealistic, out of proportion and made of very cheap and obvious plastic... the paint job is pretty bad too. :banghead:

I heard that they have some pretty good ones in the US... (no surprise) but they won't ship to Canada because all good things are illegal or prohibited here.

My friend tried ordering a 1:1 replica of princess twilight with a horn and wings, but it was held up in customs because the guards did not agree with her becoming an alicorn and decided to forfeit her to the crown. They did not agree to let her be shipped back to the retailer and she is now awaiting destruction.

So my question is; if I decided to buy some realistic My Little Pony toys in the United States, would it be a good idea to bring them into Canada? I mean... how hard can it be to stash some ponies in the back seat of your car, right? If I get caught I will give them one of my rare filly Pink Princess Celestia's and hopefully the guards will love and tolerate. What do you guy's think? Also, could someone check the classified's section and tell me if there are any good MLP toys..


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