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To my opinion, you should ***AVOID*** at all cost the use of any kind of non-natural bug repellants. The cancer issue is no bullshit. Some of the DEET and OFF ingredients are the same as the ones in the ORANGE AGENT (strong vegetation killer that the US army used to destroy the Vietnamian forests during the war. The ORANGE AGENT still causes some malformations among the Vietnamian population )

Some of you might say "bullshit" again? Read and try this if you dont beleive:
Few years ago, I had nothing to do of my Sunday afternoon. So I went in my back yard with an OFF can (?) I then saw a bee flying arround. I shot ONLY ONE cloud of OFF on the bee. It fell on the ground, moved a few seconds and rested there montionless. "Funny", I thought, so I vaporizated every insect in the area (I was young). The day after, every leaf that had some OFF on had fallen dead and brown ( my mother never understood what had happenen).

If you still feel like putting OFF on your skin... then you're as Hardcore than Rambo... and as stupid.

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