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Originally Posted by JT_Lord View Post
Monopolized... except now Verizon has it's eyes on Wind Mobile and Bell's, Roger's and Telus' stocks all fell simply because Verizon stated interest in buying... with International capability already existing with Verizon and Canada being largely at a disadvantage with out of country overages, that may change things... But that's besides the point really...

Again, not new to marketing. Monopolies can change simply because someone offers something different for a change compared to the typical or different from the standard.
The government regulatory body for these businesses is made up of ex employees of them. Its corrupt and wont be changing any time soon. What we have for telecommunications is here to stay for a while.
There are also limitations in place to prevent companies not owned by a Canadian organization from operating in the industry. This is subject to change though, its been a talking point over the last 2 years.

If Verizon wants to set up in canada they will either need to get their hands on their own spectrum (likely to not happen) or rent from the big three. If they want to do anything on land they will need to rent or build their own infrastructure (Expensive as fuck for a relatively small market that is spread out over a LARGE area).

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