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Originally Posted by ToRN
you just said that you have read many reviews, so why don't you make your decision based on those?

any information you get here will be just about as usefull to you as what you have already read in reviews.

Unless of course you haven't actually read any reviews, and are looking to be spoonfed, in which case, tough luck, because you aren't likely to get that here.

no offence but if you don't have anything positive to add please don't post... i'm not directing this message solely to you...

i hate it when ppl say... search, look it up or any other BS... if airsoft wants to evolve maybe it should start by treating ppl politely, especially those who are just starting out, remember first impression is very important...

if you know the answer to something, tell them to look here, or ask this person or add a link... that's productive... i'm new here but so far the attitude of some members on this forum towards newbies are impressively negative... although there are select few who have helped me and others alike and i thank them... i'm not here to complain and bitch... all i'm saying is let's help each other out and if you don't want to then don't bother wasting other people's time... that's all folks :innocent:

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