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Originally Posted by JT_Lord View Post
Well the region is fairly dense in tourism, it's right in the Thousand Islands and Alexandria Bay NY and Ogdensburg NY are right next to it. Putting out advertisements in that area could have a consistent yearly flow for tourism, but it'd be seasonal then, which while already being a seasonal sport, already hurts that a little. As vacation times for that area tend to be during the summer only. It's one of those cases where you have to really see what it's like and what people would be involved, but being a tourist area (along with yearly vacationers) it could develop a nice summer market if some fields are opened with a store-front. But it'd take some serious research as for the tourist flow and the expenses of running during the year versus seasonal only.

Plus I do know that having a store has one major advantage over internet based purchases, which is the ability to test a gun out before walking out the door, and you get it on the day of purchase, which I know for some can be a hassle putting in a couple hundred to wait a few days of shipping... and getting a broken product. I've been in that boat more than a few times.

Already two bases covered then, awesome.
Tourists from the US? Airsoft costs tend to be 25-50% less expensive once you are back upon US soil. Canadian airsoft guns do NOT require a blaze orange tip - so unless you can retrofit them back on the guns before you send them with your customers back over the US border, you are setting them up for a customs seizure and lots of grief.

Tourist traffic? They are coming for the 1000 Islands, historic Kingston and Cornwall, the Canal system and the Peterborough cottage life.. not airsoft.

The one thing about the internet - cheaper. Way cheaper - both as a business setting up and operating, and for customers to buy from, domestically. Brick and mortar stores have no hopes of really competing on the price front unless they have seriously significant volume, and purchasing deals behind that significant volume. There are only a few brick and mortar stores across Canada, that can compete on that level.. the rest are pretty much primarily internet based, and perhaps a small store-front to sell locally.

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