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The other issue for someone considering a start-up, and who is not familiar with the area that the start-up is proposed for, is population density.

Aside from the Trenton/Belleville and Ottawa areas, you are talking about a primarily sparsely populated, rural region. Most of Ontario's population resides in a belt ringing lake Ontario from Ajax to St. Catherines. It's no longer the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) but now the Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area.. something like 90% of the Ontario population is in this region.

The point of above - if you are contemplating setting up a retail airsoft business in that area that you are moving to, don't. Chances are, any individuals living in your region already source their supplies via internet out of economic and travel necessity, anyway.

It comes down to whether you can assure a large enough customer base for survival - i would have my doubts that there would be one existing that is large enough in your proposed area.
Well the region is fairly dense in tourism, it's right in the Thousand Islands and Alexandria Bay NY and Ogdensburg NY are right next to it. Putting out advertisements in that area could have a consistent yearly flow for tourism, but it'd be seasonal then, which while already being a seasonal sport, already hurts that a little. As vacation times for that area tend to be during the summer only. It's one of those cases where you have to really see what it's like and what people would be involved, but being a tourist area (along with yearly vacationers) it could develop a nice summer market if some fields are opened with a store-front. But it'd take some serious research as for the tourist flow and the expenses of running during the year versus seasonal only.

Plus I do know that having a store has one major advantage over internet based purchases, which is the ability to test a gun out before walking out the door, and you get it on the day of purchase, which I know for some can be a hassle putting in a couple hundred to wait a few days of shipping... and getting a broken product. I've been in that boat more than a few times.

If you have Legit NY State ID and Pubic Hair you should be good
Already two bases covered then, awesome.
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