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New to the country as an Airsoft player.

Hello Airsoft Canada! I'm a newcomer so call me JT. As an introduction... my family and I are moving fresh to Ontario in the Cardinal/ Spencerville region from New York so I have a few questions... I noticed a requirement for age verification on the website so I'm wondering if anyone really covers the Cardinal/ Cornwall/ St. Lawrence area or is nearby enough to do so without having to drive too much of a distance. I noticed one in Ottawa, but that's still a bit of a distance from where I'm going to be living.

I've been an active Airsoft player in the USA for some time now, so I'm joining this community with the move. I'm also wondering if there's anyone in the area around Cardinal/ Cornwall and that lot too so I can see about if there are any local suppliers and such, because depending on what may be in the immediate area, I might be seeing if there are any jobs for any airsoft stores and if not, seeing if I could open up my own, anyone know the area I'm talking about at all? I'm still figuring it out when I get to visit the house up there while waiting on my papers to come in so I can get my social numbers set up with the government and such.


P.S. If there is anyone in that area, I'd be more than happy to meet them once I've finished moving (or maybe even during my next visit to the new place.) I'm kind of moving to a place where I know no one and my only family up there right now is in Ottawa, which while it isn't too far, it's still a bit of a drive to see them.
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