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Originally Posted by etundidor View Post
Hello guys,

I'm a newbie here and I want to get some advice from you more experienced guys...

I have a SYSTEMA PTW M4A1 2008 version, the Smart Electrical Control Unit is damaged as far as I can see and I want you to tell me if you know something about it two things:

- Where I can get in general this replacement (Online) part and the rest of replacement parts for this model in order make an overhauling of it.

- Can I make an upgrade of this model based on the assumption of that framework it's compatible with the the new ones models as PTS Max, and MAD MAX? Which parts I must replace for achieve that?

Thanks in advance for your support guys.

Take care

You can get Systema replacement parts either from redwolf (if they have it in stock) or direct from Z-shot
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