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Eddie Stone formerly of the S.A.S. has used airsoft in his shows. I've seen British Royal Marine Commandos doing ship clearing drills with airsoft. Travis Haley is open minded enough to do a video on airsoft and consider it as a legit option for training in combination to supplement live fire and use in combination with simunitions, blanks, M.I.L.E.S. laser systems, virtual training simulators, SRT training weapons or what have you. Its just a training tool to be used to improve skills like anything else.

I've seen other YouTube channels that target MIL/LE/civilian shooting communities incorporate the same ideas. You have to take into account he isn't presenting this as your average run of the mil airsofter. You have to consider he's presenting it as a vet. Do you guys think he loses street cred for this? Please. Travis has had a great response to his airsoft video and maybe it opened up a few eyes.

Live fire is the best for training but its also super expensive to spend a few hundred dollars on ammo to practice often enough. Airsoft is a excellent option when you don't have time to hit the range, want to practice weapons manipulation, practice under stress or don't want to drop money on ammo.

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