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I would say don't muddy the brand. While a lot of Airsofters will enjoy watching videos regarding actual firearms, that street doesn't seem to run two ways. If your target demographic is Civ. Shooters/MIL/LEO, they won't enjoy a straight up Airsoft review in the least bit.

Also video gun reviews tend to not do much. Most of us wait for that really long forum post to get posted somewhere on the internet fully breaking down every little bit and piece of the gun in minute detail.

Two ways to handle this are:

Simply do reviews on real products that have Airsoft relevance. You can easily do reviews on a number of products such as weapon optics, helmets, eye pro, night vision, etc and always present it as it would apply to your target demographic. Airsofters will watch regardless of if you use the word "Airsoft" at any point in the view. We are used to taking the real world application of a product and interpreting it to our own needs. There is no real reason to allude to it's "Airsoft applications" if you do it right.

If you are dead set on more Airsoft oriented content, such as reviewing lower grade gear, Airsoft exclusive products and guns... I would suggest making a new channel to facilitate that. I don't think anyone would look down on you guys for doing a "Funker Airsoft" off shoot, especially if you aren't shoving it down their throats. Sure you might agitate that one guy who hates the very existence of Airsoft, but who cares about him anyways?

Nothing wrong with catering to multiple niche markets. Just don't try and mix them too much or else no one will be happy.
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