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Do it up. You could always do an intro in the video stating how the video is airsoft/MILSIM related and should you have an issue with that, then the video isn't for you, or something similar. It is your channel after all and doing an airsoft related video here and there in between all of the other videos you post shouldn't deter anyone. If it indeed does, then they're silly bitches to begin with. It's your channel and your interests that you're relaying to your viewers. Any true fan of you or your channel shouldn't care.

Frankly I know most of us ASC members all watch your videos and you're pretty well known throughout the community. You could always add in some high quality game play footage pulled off of YouTube and other sites of people in-game actually executing good movement, strategy, etc to demonstrate that it's not like doing a speed-ball game. Just a couple thoughts.
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