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Originally Posted by Grump View Post
Instead of just jumping to this, it would be a better idea to take into consideration how large the transaction was. If you sent him money for a m100 spring, it would be a lot different than sending money for an AEG. If it's not a ton of money, write it off as a bad debt and move forward.

If, on the other hand, it's a significant sum of money then I'd figure out whether or not you have enough info to track him down. Small claims court may be an option if you've got a way to serve him and you deem it 'worth it'.
Fraud is fraud and stealing is stealing.

Take 10 bucks here and there and it can amount to a good pile of money.

@ OP: Continue to harass him and get him to send you either the stuff or your money back.

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Originally Posted by Strelok View Post
So you're saying we cannot engage in a hobby once we are older?

Children these days.
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