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Mcguyver, Wildcard.

Here is the deal. I have to clean this thread. There is definitely some good reading between you guys, and I'm definitely not trying to discourage opinions to be voiced. However, since this was once a product announcement thread, I only ask that it be kept for that + some informative Q&A which was being provided until this thread suddenly went to *$&%.

Mcguyver, you keep doing what you do, providing detailed analysis of your findings in a thread designated for it.. besides, much easier for the ASC user base to receive information if it is concentrated in one concise area of the forums.

Wildcard, you keep doing what you do, front line intel from FCC on what is coming down the pipe. A lot of users (including myself) have invested in FCC products, and are very interested to see what new stuff they have coming up.

The community definitely thanks both of you for your knowledge, experience and efforts to provide information to us. However please try to do this in a manner which doesn't involve you stepping on each others toes.

If you guys need any other thread cleaned, just let the mods know.

Thanks for understanding!
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