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Originally Posted by EagleDriver View Post
An update to OPSF for Force Recon members attending OPSF in Georgia!! You do not have to worry about customs because you do NOT have to bring your airsoft guns here!

You won't need them because they will only weigh you down on your many trips back to regen at the spawn. You also do not have to worry about BB's - we will supply them to you en-mass, just let us know what weight we should shoot at you with.

Just kidding. But seriously, if any Canadian player cannot bring a weapon please let me know and we will see if we can round up some loaners. If you need gas, BB's, or whatever, let me know as well. Major B from Pine Plains will be coming down with us and I can ask him to bring the trailer (which has 20 loaner guns) as well.
LMAO, thats hilarious. Thanks very much man. Looking forward to seeing the Major again. I've got some .28s with your name on them too :P

As Pwor said we will be driving down. 18 hour trip. We go to the States for games every year and have never had a hassle at the border. We have Y38 forms for all of our kit etc and it's a simple process. Cove was a great test for physical endurance etc. This facility will be a whole different ball game :P
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Originally Posted by Felonies View Post
Do you really think all 322 spots will sell out in a single day
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