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Things changed:
COBHC666 to Nicolov
Col.Angus to Black Jack
docholidayy to docholiday
I love the glock to Glock
ZackTheRipperC to Zack The Ripper
jklwong to Izzy
Green Synergy to MaybeStopCalling
reneorantes to Ron-E
Penn18 to Ares
Freakonleash to Juic3
Scatter-Shot to Scavenger
UJO Spec Ops to Chemo
Dmitry[VDV"Romashka"] to Dmitry
Val_Proxy to Proxy
Anonymalious to Ghost Walker
Burningbeard to Hughes
BigBossman to Bossman
Andy_M to watch_dog
Myoga to TheYellowDart
Section9 to Ice King
Deathstudent to Heavy
Das_Hooters to DAS BOOT

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