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Originally Posted by Blackthorne View Post
We can rent channels????

More details please and thanks!
Its a lil more complicated then "renting" a channel but i think (tho read up on it to confirm) youll have to get a license then apply for a callsign and get s frequency asigned (or pay for one) once you have that im prety sure you can allow people to use your freq. Sort of like when i had two way radios in my trucks for my company. Thing is we had to pay fees for the license and had to have a base station set up at the office. Then the radios get programed to comunjcate with the base station on the assigned freq. It wasnt all that expensive (think it was 25 bucks a month for three trucks and the base station) we used a company called mobile buisness communications. Located in toronto. Prety sure they wer UHF radios. They had 2 channels pre programed in case of issues on one channel you could swap over.
Thing is everyone would have to be able to tune their radios to the correct freq and all the blister pack ones would be SOL. If you have a large group of guys who all use uhf/vhf radios and play together all the time it may be worth while but otherwise i doubt it.
Info for private licens.
Also you could find out about buisness on links on that page.
Seems like maybe a good idea for large teams or for fields thag regularly have large games (like picton) otherwise i think its not worth while as 30% or more of guys still use blister pack radios and alot of folks have no intention of going uhf/vhf. Then if you have vhf channels and alot of guys only have uhf radios then its useless again.
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