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I wouldn't recommend using ArcGIS for a task like this. ArcGIS is a pain in the ass to work with and more suited to complex tasks with alot of data processing. Making good looking and usable maps of simple trails and boundries is much better suited to google earth and a graphic editor.

As others stated, your best bet is to use google earth. Go walk your trails and the field perimeter boundary with the GPS tracks on then upload to google earth. Try to make each trail a seperate track file as this will be easier to distinguish them once on google earth. Upload the trails to whatever software your GPS works with then you can export the trails in a format google earth will read. You can then use google earth paths to trace the trails, points for specific features, as well as create polygons of areas you wish (such as parking lots, danger areas, out of bound sections, etc.). Play with all the settings regarding line sizing and colors to make it look decent. There is a free UTM grid overlayer plugin you can get for google earth.. I recommend this vice laying your own grids as UTM is compatible with all GPS units and is scaled properly for uniform area grids.

Once all the features and grid is layed and everything looks pretty, export it as an image from google earth and open it up in photoshop or whatever you have.. then you can use this for legends, scale bars, titles, etc..
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