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Ok Thanks guys, ill message them before I head to work tonight.

Hey Drake... It's not going to because I used this email to sign up for it last time and I used it again to open this account. Did someone get into my account? It's not even like I put hotmail instead of msn cause that account doesn't exist.

From hotmail reset p:
Reset your password
To reset your password, enter your Microsoft account and the characters in the picture below.

The Microsoft account is incorrect. Please try again.
Microsoft account

I even have an old email from Hojo from 2006! I know it's from the ASC But improves I'm not taking over someone else's account, but someone has gotten access to mine..

Welcome to Airsoft Canada Armoury‏

ASC Armoury ( to contacts 02/11/2006
To: Steven Laidlaw

Hello Steven,

Thanks for creating an account. If you have any questions about our store, or problems with the site, let me know:

By clicking the Members button on the navigation bar, you can access your Account Information. There, you can update your address if it changes and subscribe or unsubscribe to email newsletters (about sales, special events, and major new inventory shipments).

Happy shopping and happy airsofting,

-Miles aka HonestJohn and Carl aka MadMax

I swear on my mothers life, she even has MS...I'm Iconix. Game centre account-Iconix, Xbox-Iconix22 (only reason why I put Iconix 22 is my step father has 922 on his name. IX in roman numbers is 9, so we used to team up but people didn't realize it lol) I Even have my old icon avatar on my computer lol check my old account look for my name, DOB lol

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