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Should be noted: when programming Chinese radios there's a Freq Step setting which can be set (among other settings) to 12.5 and 25kHz: these are NOT the bandwidth settings, only the "step size" between frequencies when turning the knob. The setting you want to adjust is Wide/Narrow (Wide = 25kHz, Narrow = 12.5kHz). For all programmable radios and most new blister pack radios Narrow band will work. Some older FRS-only radios may have trouble with this: buy a better radio. Srsly.

Another thing to consider is transmitting on Low power. Most people are always set to transmit on full 4W but it isn't always required (in fact it often isn't required). Most programmable radios have 100+ programmable channels, its easy to program two sets of 22 (FRS+GMRS) channels, one in Low Tx Power and another in Full power. I usually keep the high power channels on 101+ for easy acces, i.e., if I want to go on channel 12 in high power I can just enter 112.

Excess power will cause bleeding.

Blister pack radios will be 2W Tx max so its not an issue.
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