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For objectives to be meaningful they have to tie into the ammo and lives.

Creating an objective that seems arbitrary or out of context for the game is pointless. Some players will engage in these objectives , some won't.

For players to engage in objectives they have to get something tangible out of them.

As indicated above there are only 2 resources in most gams. Ammo and lives.

A game that does not limit either ammo or lives or both, and tie objectives to getting more resources is not a milsim, it's a skirmish. Regardless of how it is billed.

Certainly, objectives can be indirectly tied to resources. For example the capture and holding of a simulated communication tower may enable denying one side from calling in reinforcements ( more lives) or directing an ammo drop.

Game dynamics that result only in the winning of "points" towards a " score" is meaningless to many players.
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