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Everyone has their own preferences on what works for them. That's why there is so much gear out there.

If you can at the games, try some different gear on and see how you like it. If you want to try a Wee/Wasatch out come up to Target Sports Center in Gormley (Richmond Hill). They act as a store front for me.

Like said above these are designed for the real stuff and putting plates in or hydration in the back works quite well.

The side mag pouches are more or less for hanguns, radios, Nalgene bottles etc.

There really shouldn't be any pouches on the front of it big enough to cause problems with the internal mag pouches.

This is me and a couple buddies this past weekend.
1 x HSGI Wasatch
1 x HSGI Weesatch
1 x HSGI Warlord
1 x Blackhawk STRIKE
And a CF issue flak vest :lol:
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