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Since your new I'm going to offer you some good advice that will solve headaches and spent money down the road. Cyma Ak's ain't too bad for the bucks. With that said the internals ain't the greatest and will break down the road. Your best bet unless you have to swap out the spring (Cyma is know for being 420 ish and up in stock form sometimes) just leave it alone till something goes. At that time I would suggest you buy a better end complete gearbox. Unless you really want to learn and swap parts. This is time consuming and cost bucks. Some stuff parts wont work well with other aftermarket stuff, sometimes aftermarket stuff wont fit your model of AK either..most should. Honestly though, shoot it till it breaks and then rebuild as needed. Also as mentioned above, everything can be pretty much found on youtube. Lots of version 3 gearbox builds and break downs as already shown from replies.

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