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Originally Posted by Adrenalineguy View Post
Apologies to the OP. you can have your thread back in a few minutes.

Yes Mr. Inked,,, exactly thank you. this is how you side track an important thread started by someone with a real question or concern. you turn it into a complete sidetracked, farce and turn what should be a valuable communication tool into a useless mess.

know in about 1 hour I'm going to erase both my this thread. Why because they have no place here, and it is not appropriate for one business owner to post in another thread unless its positive or very very important.

I have a ton of respect for tactical Operations and most of its owners.
OP was answered a few posts up.
you have a ton of respect for them eh??
enough to threaten them all because they held a game the same day you did....which if i recall was a 18+ game when most of yours are about 16+ so you claim he was taking your customers is were just pissed his game did better then yours
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Live and die on this day
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