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The closure of the Adrenaline paintball/Airsoft Complex in London is complicated and will take some time to sort out. Adrenaline is NOT Greg (Adrenalineguy).
Its a group of businesses, staff, members, customers and players that have worked hard for little return to build something that they were looking for (Good People). 1 bad apple did not spoil the barrel; and now the barrel that the been tipped over and the dozen's of good people involved are still good people.

A group of us thought,, Indoor? lets give it a shot.. I took the financial risk with a new partner and the other's poured their hearts and backs into it

The Proshop is a separate entity all together, and always has been. The Indoor and compound were a new venture with some new ownership. It simply did not work.

The proshop has never been behind in it's rent and is simply caught up in a mess.

I appreciate the numerous PM's emails and Texts from members of the community. Behind the scenes there are a lot of good people out here. This was the public post on FB.

The Adrenaline paintball/Airsoft complex including the Indoor tactical facility know as the Adrenaline indoor Is, closed permanently.
This is very hard to Post. A lot of good people have put a lot of blood sweat tears and time into the facility. There is simply not enough revenue to meet the demand of commercial rent rates. This closure has nothing to do with insurance.

I would like to thank everyone that put so much into her.. And apologize for not being able to come up with the solutions to the problems she faced fast enough..

Good news is, Lots of more outdoor dates, new fields, and some great new ideas for games... This door is closed we are looking forward to opening some new ones.. If you have questions PM's or text's please.


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