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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle
At TTAC3 there will be ***no mercy*** rules
In their place will be "surrender" rules.

Training will focus on learning to shoot to center of body mass, and full auto fire will be restricted.

Any one has the right to surrender at any time if they feel the action getting too hot.

I agree that it will be higher risk.. but it will also be more realistic.

I have been "stitched up" the face with full auto it stung but with weapons firing at or around 300 fps it is not too bad. Hurts less than wrestling to submission.
Your rules are valid; people need to quit pissing and moaning. If people wore the apropriate gear in CQB, we wouldnt have the problems we do now. Every CQB game I go to, people snivel about face shots and bleeders in the arms... Yet they never want to take responsiblity for not gearing up properly for such an event.
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