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Groombug's suggestion for choosing gear in general is a good one, as everyone has their own opinions and preferences for gear. I own a Weesatch, I didn't like it when I first got it, but after some time, I've grown to like it for it's features. As for fitting, you should have no problems. My only gripes about it are:

if you don't use any plates in it, the rig sags forward
it can get really hot
internal mag pouches are a pain when something large is on the bib (anything that needs 5 or more levels of pals)
side pouches tend to be difficult to use when middle ones are filled

If you want something that conforms well to your body without plates, get a bhi strike or hellcat, as they fit a lot better then a Weesatch can. If you think you can use the rear plate carrier as a hydration carrier, I would suggest against it and suggest to just get a hydration carrier for a strike instead, as that seats better then it would in the Weesatch. Now that I think about it, a Wee is a bit overkill for airsoft, but then again, a lot of other things we buy are overkill. :|
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