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Originally Posted by JordanAiz View Post
Wow, thanks for the quick replies guys! I was not aware that goggles made that big of a difference, but it sure makes sense. I will def be making them a priority! I have now bumped up my budget to $750 as something short notice came up and I was able to spend a little more! Thanks for the detailed response L473, appreciate it! Lots of info, and I've heard a lot of people say similar things, so it seems like your on the money there! The one confusion that I usually get which I am sure is simple to answer is the whole battery deal, I know you have to upgrade to a better battery usually, but can you use any battery as long as it has the same specs? Or are they usually brand specific? I am going to stop by TorontoAirsoft hopefully this Wednesday and will most likely be able to answer the small stuff if its more specific. One other question I had in mind was, is it really necessary to buy a secondary pistol? I hear most people don't even use them, so I figured I wouldn't need it. Again I really appreciate the input, it has def changed my view on what I am going to purchase!

Edit: I was able to find a JT radar mask at KW surplus for $27.99! Looks great, and seems to be anti-fog. Let me know what you guys think, as I hear JT is not to shabby!
I was busy for the last two day but I'll answer your questions if you haven't already had them answered already.

Don't get too caught up in having the best goggles, as long as you get QUALITY goggles that's all you need. Just like with helmets, you don't need a $500 SNELL approved Shoei when a $200 SNELL approved Scorpion will protect you just as well. Sure the Shoei might have better features and be a nicer fit and all but if you're on a budget just get something that's middle of the road in terms of quality (that will last for a season or two, doesn't shatter and you lose an eye) and upgrade later when you can if you want.

As far as batteries go, a battery is a battery. They're literally electrochemical cells that produce magic and do things for you. The specs might be different but the underlying concept is the same. NiCD, Lipo, LiFE, etc. they all do the same thing, pick one but generally people go towards LiPo (although I'm different and bought a LiFE battery).

Generally try to keep within the same voltage specs but mAh will determine how long you can run your gun for. As a rule of thumb it's 1 mah = 1 shot/cycle of your gun (more or less). So an 800 mAh battery will shoot ~800 BB's while a 1600 mAh battery will shoot ~1600 BB's.

As far as pistols go, I have a few actually but I rarely use them. They're nice to have but based on my play style of kind of just sauntering to places and giving cover fire (doesn't mean I don't run in and do quick scrambles/rushes but I subscribe to the play style of slow deliberate movements and providing "overwatch") I rarely use them, maybe like once in every game day. I did get a pistol pretty soon after I started but it was because I managed to jump onto a good deal at the time, otherwise the second pistol I bought was about after a year of playing. And as far as pistols go they are a bit more personal to the person so pick the style you like and find ergonomic. Personally I like the Glock 19 because it feels like it was made for my hands.

As far as that JT Radar goes, if it's the one I'm thinking it is.... It's alright but not something I would personally buy. For the price it's an amazing entry level mask and protects awesome but there's little things that bother me about the fit to my headshape and airflow (I sweat like a pig some days and most goggles even with "antifog" will fog up on me unless I can get good airflow (eg. no problem when I'm snowboarding or riding my bike but moving slowly at least for me they're guaranteed to fog up within the first 30 minutes of running around)).

PS: BTW it's "Latency" like "Fatal1ty" (the pro Quake/CS guy, I was young when I made this online identity and it kind of just stuck).
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