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Originally Posted by TheSarge View Post
The police in this area do not see much action and are known for acting before they think when it comes to their handguns.
So you have had a run of police shootings in your community? That sounds like a statement made by someone who is uninformed and who also has an anti-police attitude. Firstly, if the police roll up on someone with what is percieved to be a real firearm, real or not, they are going to draw their weapons. If that percieved firearm, real or not gets pointed at them and they respond as they have been trained to do, they will shoot that person. It will be ruled a rightous shooting.
(btw bad guys have been known to paint barrel tips on real guns orange so that may not save you)

As for what to do, common sense would say as several here have, notify the police. If they are aware that a percieved threat is less they will approach the situation differently. Either way it cannot end well for the airsoft community if there is a major newsworthy incident.

Adding to that now that I have seen the video, very realistic hand guns - in the dark - in the hands of wanna be gangbanger lookalikes! They are just asking to get shot.

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