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Hey, all!

I'm Corinth, I'm not technically new to the forum as I joined a year ago but I was inactive for most of that time until just recently. To start off, I am very familiar to how vBulletin forums operate and so there's no problem navigating through the many threads.

That being said, I just got into the sport and I'm still learning. I live in the Owen Sound area and I need to be age verified, which I am in the process of. Otherwise, I'm fairly savvy when it comes to being an informed consumer and the do's and do not's of airsoft.

I'm not an elitist, either. If someone is being arrogant and condescending, I generally ignore them. If they offer constructive criticism, I relish the chance to learn from my mistakes. I'll be stalking around the forum, I tend to be quiet in regards to posting unless I feel I have some vital input on the matter.

I hope to be meeting some of you on the field one day! Good hunting.
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