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Wow, thanks for the quick replies guys! I was not aware that goggles made that big of a difference, but it sure makes sense. I will def be making them a priority! I have now bumped up my budget to $750 as something short notice came up and I was able to spend a little more! Thanks for the detailed response L473, appreciate it! Lots of info, and I've heard a lot of people say similar things, so it seems like your on the money there! The one confusion that I usually get which I am sure is simple to answer is the whole battery deal, I know you have to upgrade to a better battery usually, but can you use any battery as long as it has the same specs? Or are they usually brand specific? I am going to stop by TorontoAirsoft hopefully this Wednesday and will most likely be able to answer the small stuff if its more specific. One other question I had in mind was, is it really necessary to buy a secondary pistol? I hear most people don't even use them, so I figured I wouldn't need it. Again I really appreciate the input, it has def changed my view on what I am going to purchase!

Edit: I was able to find a JT radar mask at KW surplus for $27.99! Looks great, and seems to be anti-fog. Let me know what you guys think, as I hear JT is not to shabby!

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