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TTAC3, Inaugural ATQ1 Session

Today marked the birth of TTAC3, the first Airsoft Technical Qualification 1 course was conducted at the TTAC3 training facility.

6 participants completed the course and were awarded their ATQ1 qualifications,enabling them to participate in all TTAC3 activities. All of these participants were compleatly new to airsoft and not current members of the community. As of today that changed and the GTA Airsoft community gained 6 new members.

Below is an outline of the course material

ATQ1 (airsoft technical qualification 1) Introduction to Airsoft

1. Airsoft and the Law, responsible ownership
2. Weapon safety
3. Protective equipment
4. Marksmanship foundations
5. TTAC3 rules and conventions
6. ATQ 1 Range exercise

This course is for people new to Airsoft, the course is intended as an indoctrination for the responsible participation in the activity. Successful candidates will be presented with a Certificate of Completion. This course is a prerequisite for any other TTAC3 course and for participation in Tactical Scenarios (TS) at the TTAC3 facility.

Although some work remains to be done to ready the facility for the conduct of Tactical Scenario training, It appears as though our late August opening schedule will come to fruition.

the next week or so will determine our ability to meet this deadline. I will keep you posted with any new developments
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