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Unhappy Echo 1 asr

Hello guys, my name is Andrei and i am from Romania. I play airsoft for about 2 years and i am 25 years old. I am part of romanian airsoft team Iron Sky, fulfilling the role of a sniper (and quite well i might add).
However, i came across a HUGE problem.
My Echo 1 ASR Trigger box went to hell. The sear especially. That would have been easy to solve if it wasn't for a stupid accident that totaled the trigger box and rendered it useless.
I am having major difficulties in finding a trigger mech here in Europe. **CAN ANYONE SUGGEST WHERE TO FIND ONE?**

With all do respect,

P.S. On the right of the buggy you can see my head, and please accept my appologies if i am posting in a wrong part of the forum ^^
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