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3x's is fine for a sniper rifle its just there are often times that an almost instant target aquisition would be alot better then taking the time to line up the reticle under magnification. 1.5 is nice cause it gives a bit of a closer look but is still easily useable with both eyes open. 3x is posible to use both eyes open but only under ideal conditions. Like in a wide open space with moderate lighting at closer ranges but in the woods in the sun at 150feet or more its damn hard. Youll find with a scope on an aeg youll be shot befor hou even line up your shot. It is handy if you play more of a scout/counter snioer roll but in stock form your (read just about all) aeg cant really be used like that. If the scope has a rail on top and you add a doctor sight for fast aiming then its good but otherwise its overkill for the gun.

There are alot of retailers you could get a speed loader from. Go to army issue in mississauga you can just walk in and buy one. Also airsoftdepot in scarborough (but thats a lil further from you) you can grab some more mags while your at it youll need em lol.
Or grab mags and hit a game someone can loan you a speed loader lol.
Im actually surprised they didnt at least include a tube and push rod seein as the gjn didnt come with a hicap. (your sure its not a hicap mag? Does it have a lil gear/wheel that sticks out the bottom and door that slides on the top? Most guns come with a highcap)
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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