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It has come to my attention through my community based Facebook page that there are some real idiots in our airsoft community. This is a thread where I'm looking for advice as to what action I should take.

These idiots in my community who will remain nameless for now have decided that it's a good idea to go airsofting in a public place and extend an invitation to the people in the local community. Thankfully it was struck down by the community but they still have intent to play with however few idiots they can find. Now these are not kids with clearsoft guns; they are in their late teens and early twenties with full metal guns. The ringleader of the idiots thinks that if they have an orange tip they're immortal. They also claim that where they're playing which is a city park is half outside of city lines and they have asked the police if they can play there. They claim they said yes although this does not seem likely due to the fact they have a very "fuck the police" attitude. They've even boasted that most people here play illegally and will continue to do so. I know the exact time and place where this is going to happen. They will more than likely be saw by the public and a bunch of young adult retards armed with full metal M4s is likely to make them call the police. The police in this area do not see much action and are known for acting before they think when it comes to their handguns. I was wondering if I should contact the authorities and inform them of this game and why I'm letting them know. I don't want four or so dead idiots to be the reason why airsoft becomes banned in Canada. And I sure as hell do not want to be forced to play paintball instead.

I'd like to know would you inform the police? What's your reasoning?
If you would, how would you contact them? Would you go through crime stoppers?

I realize that this could backfire, but I think that it would be better for the police to be tipped off to this by the airsoft community so that they know not all airsofters are idiots. Four idiots being arrested for doing something stupid probably wouldn't make the news here, but if four idiots with airsoft guns get shot it could impact the sport nationally.

Please let me know what you think. It will really help me clear up my conscience about what to do here.
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