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Play Against them, We have

Originally Posted by talon View Post
even a idiot can also jump onto a hate bandwagon.. not saying i approve of everything they do/say, but there's a stupid amount of hate going out on them from people who weren't there/will never actually meet any of them... i don't know 'em, nor will I likely ever, so realistically this point is moot.
Play against Talon then form your far as the hate wagon goes, I couldn't care less if these guys ever play again...and if they do we will still take the fight to them.

Bottom line is, wherever they go they stir up alot of confrontational shit which effects the game host and ppl not wanting to return.

The other fact, is these guys will do crazy things in Operations like jump from a building to another Building on Federal Mount Site which got them banned but more over can you imagine what could of happen to BLACKSHEEP MILSIM if one of these idiots fell and severely hurt themselves.

I didn't start the thread but gave the thread 3 personal experiences, the last time they were honorable and called their hits with us and left after we cleared the Building. Jeff lowry from Ithica Airsoft has well document film footage of these guy wanting to fight with somebody (he film onw of their Documentries). If these guys are playing at a game we are still going play aginst them.

As far as the video goes, I don't know (or why they didn't put it out sooner) if was edited or not by I here Major McNight requesting them to move back with the others and why they are up there...he ask for their SL and they are insubordinate to in USA CHAIN OF COMMAND, COY/PL/SL are enforeced moreover as oppose to Canada.

What I suggest to Canadian MISLMIMERS or AIRSOFTERS go to a game USA (with Noteriety) and you will see a big a difference. When your paying $150 to $200 a game and getting an excellent theatre of realism of FORCE on FORCE you don't want some Team out tere ruined it for someone else and I don't mean by legitimately winnning but clearly violated the rules, regulations and saftey of the venue.

The person who started this thread had reason why he did it...whether it is a hate thread, whether it is non hit calling thread or whether is Plate carrier thread etc....these guys have a noteriety of cheating, disobeying staff, safety violations wherever they go (I can attest to that) someone in the communitty addressed it. This is what happened, however I can't see BLACKJACK saying anything negative about Veterans because he served in Iraq himself.

No disrespect to you Talon, I have gamed with and against you and your an honorable player. Iam actually amazed on how many hits this thread got...there maybe 60 MILSIMERS in Canada who have actually gone up against them. One thing for sure, with all their antics at the BLACKSHEEP MILSIMS. Major John Bucciarelli doesn't want them back...but believe it or not they did make a good name for themselves at some John earlier events but their track record in the last 3 and half years is lacking in desire.


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