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Dust cover usually doesnt close on its own. You should be able to press it closed. Some models it stays open period

Forward assist is usually just for looks, on ICS guns it actually releases the spring tension.

Bolt catch may or may not work depending on the brand, I dont believe G&P make functioning ones though. I could be wrong. Pull the charging handle back all the way and see if the bolt cover stays open on its own, if it does press the bolt catch to release, if it doesnt its just for looks.

Originally Posted by Cornf1ake View Post
Ok I know very little about operating this gun cause the instructions are less than useless.
I have a few questions...
Should the dustcover close?
Their appears to be some sort of button that comes out of the gun on an angle behind the dust cover, I think it is called a forward assist... Does this do anything or just for looks.
Also, the bolt catch... Does that do anything or just for looks.. It moves but don't seem to do much that I can see.
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