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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
But they do still come at 280fps from Japan?
The mechboxes were certainly well made in the sense that the tolerances were excellent, unfortunately marui had a reputation of making the weakest shells on the market since they were only ever designed to run 300fps. Was wondering if THAT had changed lol
Yep, they're still 280fps from Japan.

I wouldn't say they had the weakest shells on the market... there are worse, but you're right, they're not the strongest from factory, either. For what it's worth, I've not had any of the upgraded next gen aeg's come back to me with breakage yet. I haven't looked inside one in a year, so I can't recall what the engineering features were - however, the first thing I did look at was the cylinder window, which was where breakages occurred in the original v2, and I was happy to see that they'd re-engineered that part to take much more force.

I still think it was an engineering issue, more than it was a material issue, as plenty of their other gearboxes can handle much more stress just fine. v4, v6, I've taken up to 600fps and 520fps respectively.

v7, I've heard of breakage, but have not seen it myself, yet.
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