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Its not a hiccup. my system received the Email 907pm Thursday. Friday I was shooting a video segment with The BB Bastards. Then doing bricks n Mortar stuff with walk-in retail Clients till 6 before rushing off my kid to Camp this weekend. Saturday I owed a friend a Pound of flesh and help the Spring demolition of their yard, till 6 my wife ran the store and then had a meeting at 8 in Bradford I was stuck with the Toddler. So Sunday after getting out to the Gun Show and then Picking up my Kid I after the rainy weekend I got back to the shop where the new Airsofters bagged me upstairs and I played Q&A and SnowDragons awaited me downstairs and more came in with gear demands and oops almost forgot about the Investigator. Recruiting time. till 5 ( Closing time) with them. 520 an old player returning to the game after an extended leave arrived for more gear and then at 6+some I shut down operation to rush home. Drew up a shopping List and then then plans for Monday Shopping got tossed I has to run outta town on a new project and back in time to drop The Boy at Scouts. Check ASC and see you have not got your Paypal return. If I can get it out to you tomorrow I will but more likely Wednesday as I'm picking over a fresh load of Surplus that includes Some ACU FLC some more MC and yep Pants. But there are also supposed to be some ESS goggs on this shipment but that's all the description I have. If they are the type you ordered I'll let you know via PM now that I know you have a Board name.
Gentlemen, you guys are great jumping up like that I really appreciate you guys having my back like that. I owe you Tea's
Any on else that feels I am ignoring you please pm me and I'll let you know asap. I cannot always access my WebSite system but ASC is a Laptop or SmartPhone away.
Gtg pick up my kid.
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