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Originally Posted by TANNER View Post
Ha, I think we can all agree this is a permanent sale price, no rush there. And yeh good buy for the price.
Yeah, looks like nobody wants it =(
I should amend the statement a bit;
The classic furniture G&Ps are, and always have been, inexpensive.
If you want a RIS or anything, $500+

Back in the day it was $500 for a G&P M16A3, $750 for a G&P M4 RISII
You could probably import an M16A3 yourself for ~$320, and the RISII for ~$450

Which is unfortunately considered expensive by todays standards...

These days kids pay $150 for a cyma P.O.S. M4 and complain about it sucking and breaking all the time.
Back in my day we paid $650 for a CA M4 with a RIS, and LOVED IT despite the fact it sucked and broke down all the time.
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