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Question Whats the better GUN?

Im looking to buy one of the following guns and i wanted to hear from the masses and vets on what you would choose and why? Also i dont think its a huge factor but the gun will be used to play in a forest type environment. there are lots of trails and openings but just incase this changes your opinion on the gun i thought id mention it.

So heres what im looking at and other suggestion are welcome but if you reccomend one of the list please try to keep it same price bracket and also canadian available.

* ICS 552 Cammando

* Aftermath M4A1 (Kirenex police AEG)

* SRC M933

* Lucid LM4A1

* G&G M4 Carbine

* G&G UMG Combo

Cant wait to see what wins 1st place and why?! :salute:
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