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Intro - First Post

Hey Gang,

Thought I would make my first post here - seems like the right place. The name's Charlie, FunkyVapes on most forums these days. I am a very active member of the electronic cigarette community and more recent Airsoft Hobbyist.

I'm an avid hunter, firearms enthusiast and paintballer, but recently started looking into Airsoft again to collect some of the arms (Airsoft versions) that I couldn't otherwise own. When Airsoft was first coming around, almost 10 years ago now it seems, I owned a few - but sold them to fund other collections. It seems that the community has grown, along with the technology and I can't wait to dive in again!

That being said, I am a bit behind on the terminology, but I'll certainly be lurking quite a bit. Back in the day we had to call them "markers", like paintball, what do you guys refer to them as? Guns?

In any case, expect to see me around, I will be contacting an age verifyer very soon so I can hop on the classifieds, but for the time being I'll just poke around.

Looks like a great community!

All the best to everyone,

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